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Capitol Environmental has assisted in the development and implementation of storm water pollution prevention plans for many regulated industrial facilities across the country. Our clients include oil field service providers, municipalities, concrete production facilities, and other manufacturers.

Before we develop an industrial storm water plan, a storm water consultant from Capitol Environmental will visit the site for a walkthrough and site manager interview. Plans are developed based on observations from the visit and information collected from the site manager.

Once plans are complete, a Capitol Environmental representative will deliver the SWP3 and conduct training at the same time to ensure all of the SWP3 team members know their responsibilities. This is the best way to ensure that future storm water samples are collected, reporting conducted, and other documentation is done correctly.

Capitol Environmental will also conduct your monthly, quarterly, and annual audits as well as draft all of your reports for your SWP3. Having us assist in site inspections is the best way to continuously implement a good storm water program and avoid violations.

We will also assist with wastewater permits and work to ensure your Discharge Monitoring Reports are completed and submitted in accordance with the TCEQ.


Our years of TCEQ experience allows us to protect you in a way which no other provider can offer. We stay in close contact with the Commission and are always on the leading edge of the latest changes and interpretations of the storm water regulations.

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